I was born on 2nd November, 1967, in Medgyesegyháza, Hungary
2000  Diploma : Hungarian University of Applied Arts, Budapest
         Teacher Training Department - teacher of visual and environmental culture specializing in museum pedagogy
1997  Diploma: Berzsenyi Dániel Teacher Training College, Szombathely

Solo exhibition

2008  Spring Postcard - Bartók Béla Culture Centre - B Gallery, Szeged
2007  If the Bird Wasn’t Singing - Zsókavár Gallery, Budapest
2007  Interior and a Scene - Kepes György Visual Centre of the House of Arts, Eger
2007  Pictures to the Writings of Sándor Weörös - Bródy Sándor County and City Library, Eger
2007  Sleep-walking Cyclist – Illustrations to the Writings of Sándor Weörös - Somogyi Károly City and County Library, Szeged
2005  Joining Picture Limits - Bartók Béla Cultural Centre, Szeged
2005  Reflections - Community Hous in Pestújhely, Budapest, Day of Hungarian Painting
2005  Subjective Transcription - House of the Culture, The Zemplén Festival, Sárospatak
2004  Chords and Picture Fields - Assembly Hall, University of Szeged - IX Autumn Culture Festival, Szeged
2003  Layers from The Soul - Foyer Gallery, National Theatre, Szeged
2002  Studio Exhibition - Pinceszínház – Artists’ Café, Szeged
1999  Impressions - Youth Culture Centre, Békéscsaba
1998  Moods - Youth Culture Centre, Szeged
1997  Diploma Exhibition - Savaria Tourist Gallery, Szombathely

Group exhibition

2010  V. International Pastell Biennial - Nowy Sacz, Poland
2009  Hungarien Spirit, J-Trip art Galerie, Tokyo
2008  Project „boomerang”- Paderborn, Bolton, Debrecen, Pamploma, Przemysl, La Mans, Belleville
2008  ArtUnio Foundation, ArtUnio Contemporary Gallery Szentendre
2007  Exhibition of Pastel Artists, Gallery of Hatvan
2007  XXXIV National Summer Exhibition - Italian Cultural Institute, Szeged
2007  National Still-Life Competition Exhibition - Ferenczy Hall, Pécs
2006  III International Pastel Biennial - Nowy Sacz, Poland
2006  II Articum International Fine Art Biennial - The Blue-beard Duke’s Castle by Bartók - Gallery of Szolnok
2005  Exhibition of Contemporary artist from Szeged - Hingarian Institute of Paris, Paris
2005  XXXIII Summer Exhibition - Italian Cultural Institute, Szeged
2005  II Contemporary Christian Iconography Biennálé - Kecskemét Art Gallery, Kecskemét
2005  Pastel 2005 - Kossuth Club, Budapest
2005  Castrum Gallery - City Culture Centre, Vasvár
2004  The STEAM Still Remains - Budapest Autumn Festival - Textile Museum, Budapest
2004  XVIII National Summer Exhibition - Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum, Debrecen
2004  X Szeged Board Painting Biennálé - Italian Cultural Institute, Szeged
2004  Premier - Duna Gallery, Budapest
2003  I. International Miniature Textile Triennial Exhibition - City Art Gallery, Szombathely
2003  I. International Flag Triennial Exhibition - City Art Gallery, Szombathely
2003  Garland Dance – Ildikó Ale and her students - Foyer Gallery, National Theatre, Szeged
2003  Spring Exhibition - Tornyai János Museum, Hódmezővásárhely
2003  XXXII Summer Exhibition - Italian Cultural Institute, Szeged
2003  XXXIII Exhibition of the Great Hungarian Plain - Munkácsy Mihály Museum, Békéscsaba
2003  ’Flags’ Exhibition - City Gallery, Nyíregyháza
2002  XVII National Summer Exhibition - Ceremonial Court of Debrecen University, Debrecen

My work in art collection

2008  ArtUnio Art Collection – Szentendre

Contacts/Intercourses, Effects and Essences
Exhibition of Ildikó Ale on the banks of the River Tisza

Pál Szuromi, Art Historian (Szeged Cultural Magazine, November 2005)


National Assication of Hungarian Artists- Paiting Faculty
Association of ’Pastel’ Artists


2004/2005 Art Scholarship of the Hungarian Scholarship Committee Krakow, Poland


2008  Winning an exhibition opportunity through the Fine Art Competition of the - ArtUnio Foundation, ArtUnio Contemporary Gallery,          Szentendre
2008  Artist support from The Local Government of Szeged
2005  Artists support from the Local Government of Szeged


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